Smart Tag With Collar

Smart Tag With Collar

RFID Scanner

RFID Scanner


  • Sheep pricing only, cattle pricing available soon
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  • Prices includes one replaceable coin cell battery per smart tag 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy of SmartShepherd? A number of field trails have returned accuracy above 96%. We are expecting to improve on these excellent results by the time we deliver to you.

How does SmartShepherd work? First step is to muster every animal you have in the mob. You then place the smart tag on every animal including each dam and progeny. Every time you place a smart tag on an animal, you use the RFID scanner or you type in the Visual ID to connect the smart tag to the animal. You then let the animals graze as per normal, and then after a period of time (we recommend 48 hours or longer) you muster all the animals again. You then remove the smart tag from each animal, and as you are doing so the data is collected by the RFID scanner. You then walk back to the farm house or anywhere you have Internet access and the data is then uploaded to the SmartShepherd web application. You can then view the pedigree results online or download as a CSV file and use with other software. For the next mob in your farm, you just repeat these steps. 

How long do the smart tags need to remain on the animal?

All current tests have been carried out for 48 hours, the smart tags can remain on the animals for much longer if required. 

Do I need to purchase the RFID Scanner even if I do not use EIDs? Yes, the scanner includes the SmartShepherd App which is part of the system., it also allows for the entry of visual IDs. The device has a large battery that can function all day long and a very bright screen that works under direct sunlight. 



The ability to reuse smart tags on multiple mobs is what makes SmartShepherd's pricing so compelling. After the initial purchase of the Smart Tags , RFID Scanner and App, the cost of determining pedigree for subsequent mobs is negligible. This makes it possible to determine pedigree for every mob on your farm, and hence acheive your breeding goals faster, what ever they are. 

  • Smart Tag: $15.00 AUD Each
  • RFID Device and App: $1000.00 AUD
  • Per animal service fee: $2:50 AUD (Bulk purchase discount available, see below) 

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How many of each item do I need to purchase?

How much you need to purchase will be dependent on how you have structured your farm. For example, if your farm has 1000 animals (includes the number of progeny that are expected) and you have separated these animals into 5 mobs of equal size. You will need to purchase 200 smart tags, 1 RFID scanner and 1000 animal services fees if you wish to determine pedigree for all 5 mobs (at 200 animals each). See the table below for calculations on cost.

First invoice will include cost for Smart tags, RFID scanner, Delivery costs and the Per Animal Service Fee for the same number of smart tags. We will then charge subsequent service fees on a monthly basis for additional mobs, these will be discounted as detailed below. 

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What is the Per Animal Service Fee Discount?

SmartShepherd provides a discount when the per animal service fee is purchased for multiple mobs within the same season. The second mob receives 5% discount, the third mob a 10%, the forth mob a 15% discount, the fifth mob a 20% discount and the sixth mob receives a 25% discount. All subsequent mobs receive 25% discount. 

For further details please view the example pricing table below to see how discounts are calculated and what impact this has on pricing. 

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Example Pricing Table

The below table provides an example of how pricing calculations occur. After the intial purchase of the smart tags and RFID scanner, the per mob costs are small and are discounted when you buy more in the same season. 


Value Proposition vs Genomic Testing

Due to the ability to reuse smart tags, SmartShepherd offers significant cost savings over genomic testing. Below you will find calculations that compare SmartShepherd cost against Genomic cost (based on Australian pricing).

Example 1: Shows the savings in the 1st year compared to Genomics. You can determine pedigree for 3 mobs using SmartShepherd for the same cost as 1 mob when using Genomics. 


Example 2: SmartShepherd demonstrates even greater saving when used over multiple years. The below tables shows the savings from using SmartShepherd for 2 mobs over 3 years compared against when using genomics. The savings will be much greater if you had more than 2 mobs you are wanting to determine pedigree for.