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Solution Overview

The SmartShepherd system is an award winning innovative technology solution that enables livestock breeders to collect maternal pedigree quickly and cost effectively. Maternal pedigree is the key to unlocking the genetic potential of a farmer’s herd or flock, significant productivity gains can be achieved by tracking which animals produce profitable offspring. Additionally, there are numerous animal welfare issues that can only be addressed by knowing an animal’s mothering ability. SmartShepherd works with any grazing livestock, including sheep, cattle and goats.

60,034 animals
433 mobs on 65 farms

Smart Pod



  • Determines maternal pedigree extremely cost effectively

  • Designed to work on remote farms that do not have any cellular or Internet coverage where animals graze

  • Determines maternal pedigree in 48 hours

Value Proposition

The ability to reuse smart tags on multiple mobs (group of animals) is what makes SmartShepherd's pricing so compelling. By replacing a one-use biological process with a reusable digital process, SmartShepherd has effectively digitally disrupted pedigree recording and the livestock breeding industry.

SmartShepherd costs less than 15% of the cost of genomic testing over 3 years and is far less labour intensive than traditional mothering up. Due to this shift in economics it will now be possible to perform full pedigree recording over entire commercial herds, which means farmers can achieve their breeding goals far more rapidly than was previously possible.

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What the Industry is Saying


Winner: Most Innovative International Farm Tech Start-up Pre-Series A


“Without a doubt SmartShepherd tags are one of the most exciting inventions in recent times”Alistair Campbell, Earnscleugh Station, NZ

Australian agtech start-ups have success in global innovation awards - Sheep Central

Smart tags to mother-up progeny - The Northern Daily Leader

Sheep smart tags achieve 96% pedigreed accuracy within 48 hours - Sheep Central

“The SmartShepherd pedigree system is much cheaper than DNA testing and will save us a great deal in time and labour compared to mothering-up by hand.“ - Trevor Ryan, Quandialla Station, Australia


Partnerships - Sheepmatters


Sheepmatters - providing SmartShepherd services

Sheepmatters was founded by Anthony Shepherd in February 2006, and now has clients throughout Australia representing over 900,000 breeding ewes. Sheepmatters and SmartShepherd have teamed up to accelerate the adoption of SmartShepherd throughout Australia via a network of local service providers.

Sheepmatters provides independent advice to both on-farm and off-farm clients; be it one-on-one or in grower groups (both private and industry). Sheepmatters is heavily involved in sheep industry programs.

Link to Sheepmatters website