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5. Reading the collars

Reading the collars after collection Mar 31, 2020

You should have collected the collars off the animals and switched them all off - they must be on the animals for 48 hours to collect enough data to determine the maternal pedigree

Collecting collars

When reading the collars, the procedure is fairly simple.  Simply take two or three collars out of your collection bucket / bin and switch them on using the button on the pod.

While you are reading the collars, the app should be set to "READ DEVICES", this will automatically connect to each collar, read the data off it and switch them off ready to be used again in a new session.

From this screen, go to "READ DEVICES"

Press the "AUTO READ OFF" button at the top of the screen, it will say "AUTO READ ON" and start finding and turning off the pods.  Note that if you have a lot of pods it can take 30-60 minutes or more to find and switch them off.  Best practice is to start the screen switching collars off while the animals are coming through your race / collection point.  You will hear the switch-off tune from each pod as it switches off.

Once you have made your way through the collection bin, the job is done.  Best practice is to set aside any collar that is acting up (won't connect or won't switch on).  Towards the end, replace the batteries in those pods, they should be able to be read after that.


Once you have finished reading collars, you can submit the session for analysis.

Submitting the session

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