Service Bulletins

SB001: O-ring placement

Move the o-rings on your SmartShepherd collars for better waterproofing Mar 30, 2020

31 March 2020


Water ingress into SmartShepherd pod in extremely rainy conditions.


The o-ring specified for most SmartShepherd customers is not sufficient for pods immersed in water continuously - the supplied o-ring is slightly undersized and needs to be moved to make it more effective.


Grab the collar with an o-ring and squeeze the o-ring from the sides until it can be removed.

Take the o-ring and place it inside the SmartShepherd pod,

Carefully push the o-ring into place in the base of the pod so that it sits underneath the pod threads..

In this position, the o-ring is squeezed sufficiently to have better waterproofing properties in service.  The placement of the o-ring also helps with pod retention in service.

Screw the pod back onto the collar until you can feel that it is snug.

Created: 3/30/2020 8:37:14 PM, Last modified: 3/30/2020 9:02:10 PM

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