How It Works

There are existing solutions to finding out this information - we have concentrated on addressing the shortcomings of genomic testing and traditional mothering up. The system is more accurate than traditional mothering up and far more cost effective than genomic testing.



The system works by attaching a small device to both the mothers and offspring of your
herd. When the devices are attached (using a collar), the visual or RFID of your animal is
recorded alongside the SmartShepherd pod. The animals are then released for two days
(or longer), after which the pods are collected and switched off. We have the option of
using a standard button style eartag for attachment.



Once you have collected the devices, their data can be read at your leisure back in the
office. The information is automatically sent back to SmartShepherd and results returned
quickly (typically under 24 hours).


Device Features

The pods are waterproof and sturdy – using a collar means they can be quickly re-used on
further groups of animals meaning you only have to purchase as many as your largest
management group. Data is handled efficiently and can be translated into many different
software packages for further use in your operation.
The system uses a small battery to power the devices, in typical use a battery will last one
season of multiple deployments with replacements cheaply available from SmartShepherd.

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