SmartShepherd pod

Troubleshooting the SmartShepherd pods

If you have a faulty pod, how to work out what is wrong with it Mar 31, 2020

The hardware in each SmartShepherd pod is designed to be robust although they can suffer somewhat from water ingress and battery problems.


The pod makes no noise when a fresh battery is inserted.

The pod does not play a jaunty tune when the button is pressed.

The pod does not finish playing the jaunty tune, or only plays one note of the tune.

Troubleshooting step

Place a known, good battery in the pod to see if it beeps correctly and plays entire tune.

Symptoms 2

Known good battery did not fix the problem.

Evidence of water ingress into the pod.

Troubleshooting step

If there is evidence of water inside the pod (condensation or a failed o-ring), the pod should work again once it is dried out.  Put the pod in a sunny spot (a window sill is ideal, or near a heater).  Leave for 24 hours in a warm place for it to dry out.  Generally, moisture will also kill the battery so a fresh battery is recommended.

Once the 24 hours is up, try the pod again.

Symptoms 3

It isn't wet and the fresh battery didn't fix it.

Troubleshooting step

Return to SmartShepherd for refurbishment.

Created: 3/31/2020 5:35:44 AM, Last modified: 3/31/2020 5:42:33 AM

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